Abstr_ct & Steven Harrington Present ‘GOTCHA’ Contest 🌴

There's nothing like taking art home with you. That's why we've teamed up with Los Angeles-based artist Steven Harrington to give away his latest limited edition "GOTCHA" sculpture to one of our users! (And since he's only releasing 180 pieces, we wanted to give you the opportunity to be first to get your hands on it 😈)


If you're a fan of Steven Harrington, you'll know that he's got a thing for palm trees. It is no surprise then that for his latest "GOTCHA" piece, the artist turned his iconic tree characters into an 11 inch sculpture; his dog named Mello standing directly in the middle. Fabricated by ToyQube, each sculpture weighs 4.5 lbs. and is made of polystone, paint and metal. Essentially the perfect addition for your desk, counter, or wherever you choose to house your sculpture collection!


Abstr_ct wants information to be made easily consumable for users. That's why we made the contest simple to enter! By typing 'GOTCHA' into the conversation with our Abstr_ct chatbot, you will have the chance to win his brand new table-top pal! Pretty simple, eh? Even if you don't happen to be the lucky winner, the "Gotcha" sculpture will be available for purchase starting Tuesday, March 6th at 1PM EST via ToyQube

Best of Luck 👊 and feel free to chat with Abstr_ct chatbot to see what other artists are changing the game!