Stay in the Zone With Abstr_ct Radio 🎵

Creativity calls for concentration, but we all have unique ways of getting in the zone. Some of us work best when the world around us is sound asleep. Others flourish at the tippy top of the morning when our eyes are pierced by the sun peeking through our windows. Then there are those who need that extra push to stay focused mid-day. No matter how you choose to get your creative juices flowing, Abstr_ct is here to set the tone. With Abstr_ct Radio, we curate mood-inspired playlists, divide them into five distinct radio stations, and keep your inspiration on 💯.


Abstr_ct Radio

There’s nothing like the perfect tunes to support your creative grind. Abstr_ct Radio is an always-available feature on our chatbot, divided into five unique stations: Power Up, Focused, Late Night, Wake Up, and Chill Out. Listen to “Power Up” to get your blood pumping and ideas flowing. “Focused” is the perfect compilation of easy-going and uplifting sounds to keep your mind sharp and on-point. Those of you who stay up after the sun goes down will love to vibe out with our “Late Night” station. On the contrary, waking up isn’t always easy. Awaken your senses with our upbeat “Wake Up” station. For all you laid-back folks, “Chilled” will be your go-to. (But that's not all!) Periodically, we will also invite talented creatives to curate their own playlists for additional inspiration 💪

How it works 🤔

Just type “music please” in conversation with our chatbot and our selection of radio stations will pop up, available 24/7. Pick the station that best fits your creative mood, and let the jams carry you away! The playlists are available on a variety of platforms (Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, YouTube, etc.) and are updated on a regular basis.

Go on. Get in the zone 😌