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Launched in 2018, Abstr_ct for Messenger is a virtual agent that helps you connect with the creative world and stay inspired 🌎✨ 
From discovering new artists and photographers to identifying the best local art galleries and staying up-to-date with creative job offers, the Abstr_ct bot aims to be your go-to creative buddy. At your side 24/7, it’s the ideal mix of human creativity and the power of AI, available straight through your favorite messaging app.

Our Mission πŸ’ͺ

Abstr_ct is on a mission to empower and inspire the next generation of creatives by providing expertly curated content, made easily consumable on the go. We take pride in providing users with a one-of-a-kind experience that not only stimulates their artistic aspirations, but elevates them πŸ™Œ
Come curious, leave inspired πŸ’‘ That’s the goal!


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Artist Discovery ✨

Learn about game-changing artists, designers and photographers directly through Messenger. Just choose your favorite category, and Abstr_ct will introduce you to the most talented creatives in that realm.


Creative Jobs 😎

Abstr_ct is the missing link between you and your next creative gig. Receive updated information about creative job openings from top companies around the world and apply to your best fit!


Gallery Locator πŸ“

No matter where you are, Abstr_ct helps locate top art and photo galleries around the globe. Enter your location and find the best museums and art hubs nearest you!

β€œCreativity is intelligence having fun!”

β€” Albert Einstein


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